Global Hapkido Association

Greetings and welcome to the Global Hapkido Association!  

It is our honor and privilege to serve as a home to Hapkido practitioners from around the world. Please take some time to explore our website! Be sure to visit the “About Us” section to learn about the GHA Mission Statement and Core Values, and stop by the “Membership” section to learn about the benefits of affiliation and what the GHA can offer your school or your organization. Also, don’t forget to spend some time in the “Championship” section to learn about the Global Hapkido Championships!

We welcome martial artists from all parts of the world, regardless of ethnic background, country of origin or previous organizational affiliation! The GHA is truly a place that all martial artists can call home. Please feel free to contact us with any feedback, questions, or if you need any additional information.

Yours in Hapkido,
The Global Hapkido Association